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"Jim Renner is the DJ I recommend first to all of my clients. His professionalism is unmatched!  He truly loves what he does and it shows in his work!  I think he is a perfectionist and you can see that he strives for that in every job he does. When he is focused on your event, he is 100% "tuned in".  He will give you his best for your event and every event he does.  He is a joy to work with and he makes my job easier because I do not worry.  I know he will take care of everything on his end and it will be top notch.  I strongly recommend him for your event!"       

                               -Angie Anderson, Event Coordinator  

                                Belle Behind the Ball Wedding & Event Planning      

 "Gregg,   Hope all is well and these fall weddings are keeping you busy. Steve and I are finally getting settled into our new place and we finally have some time to sit down and thank the people that made our wedding so beautiful. You were an amazing dj for our wedding and we are so happy that we chose you to be a part of our special day. You did a fantastic job sticking to our song list and picking out the songs that suited the people who were on the dance floor. Everything went so smoothly because of you and we are very thankful for that. We got so many compliments during the reception and after the wedding regarding the music selection and how everything ran so smoothly. We would definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks again!"         

                                                                         -Steve and Melissa H.          

 "You were outstanding! We could not have been happier. Multiple guests complimented the music and said it was the best they'd heard at a reception. Thank you so much!"                                                                                    -James and Melissa    

"Thank you for working with the band so well. The bride and groom had so much fun at their reception."                                                                                                    -Catherine       

 "Nice job keeping things moving on time and well orchestrated. Made a material contribution to an excellent evening."                                                                                                                              -John and Kathleen    

We're off to our honeymoon but we wanted to reach out before we left to say thank you so, so much for last night. You - and your assistant!! (please pass this on to him) - were amazing and we don't know where to start to express our gratitude. As you saw, the dancing was constant and the floor always full... Because of you! You truly made the party, from start to finish. I was confident in our decision to have you as our DJ after our initial conversation over a year ago, but you still far surpassed our expectations! And your professionalism is second to none. We believe a DJ is one of the very most important pieces to a successful event and you did it not just flawlessly, but above and beyond by thinking of absolutely everything. We really cannot thank you enough.      Please let me know if/where we can leave feedback/testimonials for you for interested customers to view. We will for sure recommend you to all our friends, and colleagues too!"                                                                                          -Annie (and Matt)      

"Thank you, your performance was terrific and professional.  At first your fees were slightly higher than we expected to pay, the few extra dollars was definitely worth the quality and professionalism you have.  We appreciate your help in communicating with the (banquet hall) owners so that everything ran smooth.  We will let everyone know the quality of your work."      - Jill & Tom W.     

"You did such a great job. The music was great everyone danced all night, we all had a blast. The music is one of the biggest things of the night and you did such a great job. Thanks again."  - Emily & Aaron B.     

  "You did an excellent job on everything.  Overall, you were friendly and did everything to make me happy on my special day."   

                                                      - Amanda & Aaron L.    

     "Thanks very much, Jim and Pam, for your professional attention to us.  It was a great summer!" 

                                                - Emily R., Culver Academy Summer Upper Camp Assistant Director      

"You did an excellent job.  Everyone had a great time."   

                                               Zoe Z., Dance Commissioner, St. Mary's College     

"You were wonderful! You made my day even more special. There were so many compliments on your performance. I would definately recommend you to our friends

                                          - Mary V. 

"Everything was great!  No complaints, only good comments all around.  Thanks!"                                          - Dustin B., Dance Commissioner, University of Notre Dame     

"You were definately one of the best d.j.'s we have had. We were all very pleased. We really enjoyed the dance mix. Your card is definately on file."                                              -                                            Nicole S.       

"Jim, you did a great job. We look forward to working with you again, next year.                                          - Julia S. (Notre Dame Food  Services)      

"We were very pleased, you did an excellent job and we received many compliments on you - Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!      

                                        -Michele and Fabian C      

    "Everything was great! You took charge and got people involved. You were also careful to meet all of our requests.  Thanks! 

                         -                            Nicole and Craig S.      

"It was done perfectly."    Larry D., Marian High School Class of 1985     

"Very professional and made the evening go very smooth! Will recommend to EVERYONE!"                                            Jennifer and Bryan T.       

"A couple of times the music was too loud for conversation with friends, however this was immediately corrected when our son requested it be turned down."    

                                  Howard & Elsie C., 50th Wedding Anniversary

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